TinPin Stories


We are a couple with an intense love for travelling, met in the name of destiny. After getting hitched, the storyteller and the creative bone in us decided to chase the dreams of travelling the world.

When we made a space for our dreams, we also decided to share our exciting travel experiences with the world through our videos, which gave birth to our YouTube channel, ‘TinPin Stories’. 

Leaving jobs in private companies, we took the adventurous road of life with lots of twists and turns. Now, our mornings are for content creation, evenings for travelling and late nights for edits, cuts and planning.

We pioneered the ‘CarLife’ concept in India in 2020. We slept, cooked and travelled the country in our converted motor home. In the following years, we chased elephants in a mighty TukTuk around the forests of Sri Lanka, danced with the head hunters of Nagaland and climbed the minarets of Uzbekistan.

Travelling taught us great life lessons, thus keeping us grounded. It concreates the fact that humanity exists. We enjoy every bit of the new life we have chosen and are working hard to live our dreams.


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