TinPin Stories


Destiny brought us together, kindling a passionate love for travel. After getting married, we decided to pursue our dreams of exploring the world and sharing our experiences with others. That’s when we launched our YouTube channel, TinPin Stories, to showcase our exciting adventures.

We left our jobs in private companies, embarking on an adventurous journey with many twists and turns. Now, we spend our mornings creating content, our evenings travelling to new destinations, and our late nights editing and planning.

In 2020, we pioneered the ‘CarLife’ concept in India, sleeping, cooking, and travelling the country in our converted motor home. Since then, we’ve chased elephants in a mighty TukTuk around the forests of Sri Lanka, danced with headhunters in Nagaland, and climbed the minarets of Uzbekistan.

Through travel, we’ve learned valuable life lessons and remain grounded. We cherish every moment of our new life and are working hard to live our dreams while showing the world the beauty of travel.


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